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Makita LXFD01 Clearance

Posted by Blaine Davis on


Makita has surprised us again with the new LXFD01! This powerful 18V cordless drill is one of Makita’s greatest creations yet!

This drill is interestingly similar to that of the former BDF452 18V drill. The LXFD01, like the BDF452 offers an astonishing amount of power while still maintaining a gracefully sleek design. Makita has modified this drill to increase the performance and improve its’ usability. The three major improvements to this drill include:

MORE POWER – 30 more LBs of torque
LIGHTER- Ditched .2 LB’s of weight
IMPROVED ERGONOMICS – removed 7/16” of handle

Not only did Makita add several new great specs to the LXFDO1, but they also maintained the ultra-bright LED and the lithium-ion quick charging battery. If you are looking for a compact, lightweight, and powerful drill for your next project this is definitely the tool for you.

*Makita provides a 3 year warranty on all of their hand tools, including the LXFD01!

Get the LXFD01 HERE!

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