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Remove scratches, swirls, and oxidation easy with 3m Scratch Remover!

Posted by Ashley Schwab on

3M 39044 Scratch Remover is one of the most effective ways to remove scratches, swirls, and oxidation from a vehicle. Instead of using waxes that just fill in the surface so it appears smooth, 3m Scratch Remover is formulated with fine minerals that remove scratches from the surface. Rub the thick cream over imperfections, and it will immediately work to level the edges, rendering them invisible. Not only will your vehicle look smooth and flawless, it actually will be!
  • For use on clear coat and single stage paint.
  • Contains no fillers.
  • Designed to remove grade 1200 or finer sand scratches.
  • Removes medium oxidation, coarse swirl marks, and water spots.
  • Works by hand compounding or by polisher.


    Applying by hand:

        1. Apply about a quarter size amount to a foam applicator pad.
        2. Rub in circular motion until dries.
        3. Buff off residue with a 3M 39016 Microfiber Detailing Cloth.


    Apply by polisher:

        1. Apply a few small lines to the paint.
        2. Apply a light compounding pad to your polisher.
        3. Work the polish until a thin film.
        4. Buff off the residue with a pad for your polisher or a 3M 39016 Microfiber Detailing Cloth.


    Expect amazing results with 3M Scratch Remover!


      Can also buy the 3m Scratch Removal System.

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