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Por15 Application

Posted by Ashley Schwab on

I have been wanting to try Por 15 for a while now. My Jeep had a few rust spots that needed to be take care of, which presented the perfect opportunity to test out POR15 for myself! The areas of application: steel bumper, plastic bumperettes, frame underlying the bumper, gas tank, gas tank shield, and the pinchweld between frame and body. Applied in November of 2015. 



To begin, remove dirt, grime, and loose rust from the vehicle. Depending on how problematic the area, sand or grind the rust areas as best as possible. Scuff the paint areas as well. From my experience, POR 15 does not adhere to paint uniform, scuff the paint outside where you are applying to create the grip needed. Most areas I applied were directly to bare metal, but when working near the vehicle, some areas near where I was working still had paint.

After sanding, reclean the area, removing all sanding residue. Make sure the remove all grease from the vehicle with POR 15 Cleaner Degreaser, or I used my usually car wash and Meguiar's Super Degreaser.

Optional: Remove any surface that you are able. Allows for easier 360 degree application. 


Personal Protective Equipment

For this project, I would recommend disposable gloves (preferrably nitrile) and a safety mask. POR 15 chemicals are harsh, and you don't want that crap in your lungs-it won't go anywhere! I didn't bother to put on gloves, but definitely wear gloves. It took me a full week to get all the POR 15 off of my hands. 


Using Por15 Prep Metal

This is a good step to neutralize rust and prep the area. This will ensure perfect adhesion on metal surfaces, including aluminum and shiny polished metals. I skipped this step due to sanding adequately, and not having excessive rust in the areas I was working in. But after the fact, this would be a good step to try for uniform scratch patterns.



Step 1: Pop open the can. Stir, DO NOT SHAKE!
  • I tested the POR15 of my tow hook before applying elsewhere on my vehicle: 
Before After



Step 2: Apply the product as thin as possible. When I used, I barely touched the tip. Just got the ends of the paint brush wet. Apply lightly to the vehicle. Product applies very easy. 
  • If applicable, hang so that you can paint 360 degrees. Otherwise you have to wait for the area to dry before moving to the other side.


Step 3: Plan to do two coats. I repeated the painting process to be sure, though I do not think this was necessary. 

Step 4: Can follow up POR 15 with POR15 Top Coat

Step 5: Once dry, reassemble the vehicle. 

Optional: I applied POR15 to the nuts, bolts, bumperettes, touching plastics, everything to give it a clean, new look with matching durability.  



Before After


3 Months Later

It's been three months since applying POR15, and I have to say, this product is holding up. No chips, dings, anything. The metal looks as good as the day I applied it, even the plastic parts that I applied to have not changed. Stands up to environmental elements. Still has an even, glass-like finish. 

Planning to POR15 some additional areas on the Jeep (as you can see the rest on the rear) and then apply some diamond plate!

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