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A Gift for Everyone in your Life

Posted by Ashley Schwab on

It's here: the season of giving! The time where you spend hours of your precious holiday season searching for the perfect Christmas gifts for everyone on your list. And we all have them, in fact, usually we are related to them: those people that are nearly impossible to buy a Christmas gift for. You feel like you know them, and then it's present-buying time, and you draw a blank. Completely unsure of what to buy. So how do you shop for everyone on your list without wasting those precious hours of your free time?  If you’re tired of dashing through the snow-filled sidewalks or dealing with frustrated store clerks, is the perfect place to get that cool, unique gift for every gearhead and auto enthusiast on your Christmas list.  With Auto Body Now you no longer end up empty handed or lugging heavy shopping bags all over. We provide a gift option for the auto enthusiast, a unique gift idea for the person that has everything, and cool gear for the person that is impossible to shop for. We dug deep into Santa's bag to find you the most amazing and thoughtful gifts for everyone you know. 

Wonder Wafers 

Wonder Wafers are the perfect stocking stuffer for everyone in your family. Created for automobiles, trucks, RVs as well as lockers, bathrooms, and anywhere else that needs a fragrance boost, the Wonder Wafer provides the perfect amount of scent. Set them under the seat of your car or hide them in a room for long-lasting freshness. Wonder Wafers come in every fragrance imaginable. Whether you prefer the assortment of fruit scents (mulberry, wild cherry, strawberry, orange slice) to nature scents (jasmine, lavender sachet, mountain pine, april fresh, aqua frost) or the more unique fragrances (new car, black royale, European leather), Wonder Wafers has 22 options for you to choose from. And with 25 individually wrapped wafers in each package, the purchase of one package will provide you with enough wafers for each and every stocking. 

DeWalt J

obsite Bluetooth Speaker











For the person that has everything, check into the Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker. This item is the coolest present a person could open. Not only is this the perfect gift for the gearhead in your life, this is a great gift for anyone else that could use a durable sound system. It doesn't matter if you are in an office, in your kitchen, or working in your home garage, the Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker will get that person grooving with amazing sound. The Dewalt Jobsite Speaker can be AC/DC powered, or also able to run off DEWALT 12V/20V MAX battery packs. This unit is a Bluetooth 4.0, with a range up to 100 ft, offering both AC /DC USB power & aux ports, and features a rubber overmold. This speaker system provides long life as well as maximum durability making this the perfect sound system for those hard working souls with grease in their veins. But also a great gift option for your sister, mom, dad, or younger brother.  


EZ Red Work Flash Light

A work light is that thoughtful gift for the gearhead in your life. There is never enough illumination when working on your rig, and work light flashlights are great for seeing in those dark areas. Whether under the car, under the hood, looking through your tool box, inside parts, and more, a work light flashlight is going to be the best bet in lighting it up. Look for a flashlight work light that has a hook, allowing that auto enthusiast in your life to still get use of both hands. The hook is universal, so it can be hung anywhere on the vehicle (under the car, in the engine bay, or under the hood), allowing maximum light and mobility. Light up their life with a work light flashlight.   


Meguiar's Clay Bar Cleaning Kit

You don't see the scratches in their car, but that auto enthusiast in your life sure sees them. Probably every time he or she gets in their vehicle. The car guy seems every blemish in his paint. Clay bars are that secret gem that keeps your paint job immaculate. Every car's clear coat gets cracks and stress fractures that are unseeable to the eye but leave your paint vulnerable. Meguiars Clay Bar Kit will restore the damages caused by roads and weather by removing unwanted environmental materials  while polishing the vehicle. Meguiars Clay Bar Cleaning Kit is that product that every auto enthusiast knows about but hasn't bought themselves, so you are sure to be picking a winner!  


If you have that person that is always wanting to add a little flare or change to their vehicle, get them some Plasti Dip this Christmas. Reasonably prices and easy to use, Plasti Dip allows for ultimate creation and uniqueness. Plasti Dip is the Do-It-Yourself rubberized dip protective coating product that ensures a long lasting, high quality finish on any products you intend to protect. From cars to tools and more, Plasti Dip coating products are meant to shield items from harmful substances in the environment, as well as make them look good and last longer! If your college student has been wanting new rims but cant afford the high cost, with Plasti Dip, he or she can dip those rims to make them stand out without spending thousands on a new set. Or to add a little uniqueness to a vehicle, he or she can Plasti Dip that ride with a racing strip to make it really stand out. Plasti Dip offers endless color possibilities. It's that fun gift option for your college student, son, or daughter who wants a change on their vehicle without having to pay a big price.  

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