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Let ABN Help Make Winter Car Starting A Little Easier!

Posted by Ashley Schwab on

Don't let this beautiful Fall weather we've been having trick you! Winter is just around the corner! We love ice skating, sledding, snowman building, and the idea of a white Christmas. However, if you experience winters like we do here in the South Dakota, winter can be brutal--on you and on your car. Though the spectacular icicles and fluffy white snow make the world look like a winter wonderland, with winter comes constant windshield scraping, de-icing, and the dreaded chance that if it's too cold, you car may not start.

With record-breaking cold weather these past winters (at least in the Midwest), the snow- and ice-pocalypses we have been experiencing, and the never-ending freezing rain, wind, and snow, Old Man Winter can bring you down real quick. Running out to start your car 10-20 minutes before you leave every day... scrapping the front, side, and back windshield every morning... or the fact that you can run in the house for 10 minutes on a cold, icy day and have to re-scrape all over again! Lucky for you, we have you covered. This holiday season we want to give you something to cheer about by hooking you up with some gear to assist in winter car starting. We have an assortment of winter gear that can help make these winter months ahead a little easier.

Kat's Heaters 

Thank goodness for Kat's Heaters. Starting aids that heat the engine of your car, giving the car a quicker start in that ooh-so-cold weather. These bad boys do all the work of heating your engine for you! But not only do these starting aids warm your soul through making winter simpler, Kat's Heaters also protect your engine from damaging winter temperatures. That's double the reason to check out Kat's Heaters: they make your life easier and help protect your engine! Man, a heaping pile of appreciation for Kat's Heaters. We have Kat's Magnetic Heaters, Circulating Tank Heater, Magnetic Engine Oil Sump Pump Heater, Hot Pad Heaters, and replacement cords.

CRC Ice-Off Windshield Spray De-Icer 

If you are like me, the last thing you want to do when it's zero degrees outside is stand in the icy wind scraping windows. With CRC Ice-Off De-Icer, you don't have to! This stuff is awesome! Melting ice, snow, and frost on contact. Each year I stock up on a number of these cans and keep them in my trunk. A little of the product goes a long way. You literally spray it on your windshield or windows and watch as the ice melts. Seriously, insta-magic! Its like magic in an aerosol can! I can't even describe to you the blessing of spraying CRC Ice-off De-Icer. I'd recommend wearing gloves as the bottle can get cold as you work your way around the vehicle!

Windshield Frost Guards from Delk and Auto Body Now   

Remember the windshield sun covers that used to rock the '90s? Frost Guards are the winter version of that. Think of a giant hug enveloping your windshield with its warmth and goodness. Frost Guards work by covering your windshield with durable, weather-resistant material, so that you will never have to scrape that front windshield again! Frost Guards fit on most vehicles. With an elastic attachment for around your side mirrors, installation takes only a moment so you aren't left out in the cold for long! Frost Guards also covers those wiper blades preventing ice and snow build up. Easy installation, no front windshield scraping, and no ice on your wiper blade! We like you so much we have two different options for you: Delk and Auto Body Now. How awesome is that?!  

IceHammer Snow Brush 

If all else fails, the ice scraper is a winter staple. And the IceHammer is as strong as it sounds. The IceHammer has a super-flat blade for maximum contact with your window. Yes, a blade. Just like a razor gives that close to reach shave, the IceHammer blade allows for clear and close contact with ice, getting ice and snow off your windshield faster. With a brush along the side, removal of loose ice and snow is easy. The IceHammer is also that perfect length, not too short, not to long, so you can get the right force to get that hard ice off. As an added bonus, the IceHammer has ice chippers built into its side for breaking up that tough ice. With the IceHammer, ice doesn't stand a chance! 

Antigravity Batteries Mini Jump Starters 

Yep, we are going to go there. The item in case your car won't start. The Antigravity Battery Micro-Start Mini Jump-Starter is the "Rated Best" mini jump starter according to Consumer Reports. This is by far my favorite winter item. Weighing around a pound and roughly the size of a cell phone or tablet, the Micro-Start is a great back-up power source for your car emergency kit. The Micro-Start is powerful enough to jump-start your car, motorcycle, powersport vehicle, even a V8 truck! In addition to jump-starting, the Micro-start can be used to recharge portable devices, such as a laptop, cellphone, tablet, etc. Charge the Antigravity Battery mini jump starter and take it with you anywhere. I use mine to charge my cellphone in my office! The perfect option to keep you from being stranded, waiting for road-side assistance, or waiting for a fellow driver to give you a hand. Regardless of what Micro-Start you choose, you can rest assured that you and the people you love have the most trusted and best made product in terms of performance, durability, design, and innovation. Winter will now be worry free with a Micro-Start stored in your vehicle!  

Five amazing items to make winter stress-free and easy. Are you the one having to go outside and start her vehicle or scrape her windows? Make the job easier! If not for you, for that special someone. Be the hero this winter. Whether you are trying to keep your mom, girlfriend, boyfriend, daughter, son, husband, or wife safe, or if you are just wanting to avoid the whining and nagging, these items are perfect for those special people in your life. 

Stock up on these great stocking stuffers and be ready for Christmas! You're welcome!

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