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ABN sells the top rated mini jump-starter on the market

Posted by Ashley Schwab on

Auto Body Now sells Consumer Reports' Rated Best micro-sized battery pack, the Antigravity Batteries Micro-Start. 

Not long ago, you used to need a set of jumper cables and a good Samaritan to jump-start your vehicle. Now a convenient alternative has jolted the market: the mini jump-starter. 

In the past, battery jump-starters were massive in size with heavy lead-acid batteries, making these jump-starters too bulky to be part of a car emergency kit. However, the mini jump-starter's compact design is ideal for storing, making Micro-Start the perfect solution. Compact yet powerful, the Micro-Start packs a punch! Micro-Start uses lithium-ion battery technology that charges faster, lasts longer, and has a higher power density, ensuring dependability. More battery life in a lighter package sets the mini jump starter apart.

Weighing around a pound and roughly the size of a cell phone or tablet, the Micro-Start is a great back-up power source for your car emergency kit. The Micro-Start is powerful enough to jump-start your car, motorcycle, powersport vehicle, even a V8 truck! In addition to jump-starting, the Micro-start can be used to recharge portable devices, such as a laptop, cellphone, tablet, etc.  

According the Consumer Reports, the best-performing of any mini jump-starter was Antigravity Batteries Micro-Start, with the XP-10 rated the highest. According to Consumer Reports, "The Antigravity Batteries XP-10 was clearly the best of the bunch, with two USB ports, several laptop connection options, and best-in-test device charging capacity." Micro-Start XP-10 "provided power for three times as long as the poorest performers." But regardless of what Micro-Start system you choose, whether the XP-1, XP-3, XP-5, or XP-10, Micro-Start is the best mini jump-starter available.  

Auto Body Now sells all four Antigravity Batteries Micro-Start options, depending on your needs.  



 The original mini-jumper, the XP-1 is small enough to fit in you back pocket, but can jump a car, V8 truck, even a 19V laptop, along with 12V automotive accessories. Never again do you have to worry about that special someone. The XP-1 is perfect to fit in a trunk or glovebox. Charge the XP-1 once, and have the security of knowing your significant other is safe. Weighing only 14 ounces, 6-inches long x 2.8-inches wide x 1-inch tall, the XP-1 has a peak of 400 amps for jump-starting and a 12000milliamp capacity. What does this mean? The XP-1 can jump-start a V8 truck 25 times in a row. The XP-1 also charges any USB device and comes with a Hi-Powered LED flashlight with S.O.S. flash patterns. Includes everything needed for charging and jump-starting in a convenient case. 



The XP-3 is smaller that the original, but can still jump-start a V8 truck. Weighing 10 ounces, and 5-inches long x 2.8-inches wide x 1-inch tallthe XP-3 is the perfect size for storage in a purse, trunk, or glovebox. Just charge the XP-3 once and take portable emergency back-up power with you! With 8000milliamps and up to 400 peak amps, the XP-3 can charge a V8 truck up to 15 times in a row. The XP-3 can charge any USB device and also comes with a Hi-Powered LED flashlight with S.O.S. flash patterns. The XP-3 kit comes with everything you need for charging and jump-starting in a convenient case. For a slightly smaller option, the XP-3 is the perfect fit for your car emergency kit. 




The NEWEST and smallest of the Micro-Starts, the XP-5, weighs only 6 ounces. At 5-inches long x2.8-inches wide x .5-inch tall, this mini jump-starter is as small as a smart phone but strong enough to jump a V6 truck. With 6000 milliamps of capacity and a peak of 300 amps for jump starting, the XP-5 is the perfect option for someone with a small, compact vehicle. Charge the XP-5 once and you have back-up power the size of a smart phone wherever you go. No need for a power outlet or charging station. Like the other Micro-Start systems, the XP-5 has a build it Hi-Powered LED flashlight with S.O.S. flash patterns. With the XP-5 you can rest assured that no matter where you go, you can make that important call, jump your compact vehicle, or keep your GPS navigating. 



The largest and most powerful Micro-Start system, the XP-10 is strong enough to start Diesels. At 18 ounces, this mini jump-starter is still compact: 9-inches long x 3-inches wide x 1.25-inches tall. The XP-10 has a peak of 600 amps of jump-start power and 18000 milliamps of capacity! Wow! Charge only one time, and the XP-10 can jump a diesel, laptop or other electronic device. With a Hi-Powered LED light with S.O.S. flash patterns, the XP-10 is perfect for long roadtrips and heavy-duty trucks. With a leather carrying case stocked with everything you need to charge your devices and jump start you vehicle, the XP-10 is the best option in regards to power and performance.  


It's no wonder that mini jump-starters have been changing the car emergency kit. Micro-Starts are the perfect option to keep you from being stranded, waiting for road-side assistance, or waiting for a fellow driver to give you a hand. Regardless of what Micro-Start you choose, you can rest assured that you and the people you love have the most trusted and best made product in terms of performance, durability, design, and innovation. Winter will now be worry free with a Micro-Start stored in your vehicle! With free shipping, Auto Body Now has the XP-1, XP-3, XP-5, and XP-10 at the most affordable price on the internet. Let us help keep you and your loved ones safe!  



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