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The Dewalt DCF680N2 is the future

Posted by Blaine Davis on

The next big thing is……here! The Dewalt DCF680 Cordless Screwdriver.

We are pleased to announce we have received our first shipment of the Dewalt DCF680. This gyroscopic cordless screwdriver does the work for you, all you have to do is grip the tool and turn your hand. This tool is fully controlled by your movements. Want to drive the screw in? Just turn your hand to the right. Want to back the screw out? Then simply turn it to the left. This is the ideal tool for homeowners, electricians, HVAC, and for those who do trim work.

This isn't the first gyroscopic screwdriver to hit the market, but I can guarantee that this is the first of its caliber. With variable speed control and a 15 position clutch you can be assured this is a quality offering by Dewalt. Combine all of this with two LED lights, a two axis gyroscopic system and you have a winner. Work smarter and not harder by using the Dewalt DCF680 gyroscopic screwdriver!

Check out for the Dewalt DCF680N2 kit, which provides a charger and two batteries just in time for the Holidays.


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  • When i purchaced this item onnile, it was difficult to see exactly what i was buying but i really wanted to try a zippered pouch in order to keep my tools safe from time to time. What i recieved was more than what i expected and more than what the picture and details offer you. Its hard to see how the pockets are arranged and for some like me, it is crucial they be placed accordingly. I am an electrician and it holds more than what i could care to bring but that is good in that the room is there when you need it. This bag has space!! If you can picture one pouch placed inside another one with a zippered flap, then this is what you have. Not only do you have the regular pockets but you have a whole other outer barrier of inbetween space to do with as you please. There is a difference in the bag that i recieved and the one shown here. The mesh on the front flap is no longer present (at least not on mine). This is not inconvenient but rather better as i could see my leads getting caught in the mesh. Just be aware of this tidbit.I like that it has a range of possibilities in which to carry it. From shoulder to handle to belt. The only thing if you are thinking about carrying this on your belt it is big. I would reccomend a light load as it is not a smart weight distributor hanging off your hip.Ive been in the plumbing, carpentry, framing and now electrical field for quite some time now and i will say that this pouch along with my VETO PRO-PAC XL is the best combination i have ever owned.

    MaGuy on

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